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Eating in Hoi An, Day 3

Ba Buoi chicken rice shop

^ Ba Buoi chicken rice shop. Super cheap, super tasty chicken rice. You just go in, sit down and they start bringing you the only thing they serve — chicken rice. You get a wee soup with it too. Very cheap. It’s quite a light meal. I could’ve had two. The guy chopping the chicken had one arm.

Lovely iced Vietnamese coffee

^ Lovely iced Vietnamese coffee.

Green Chilli restaurant

^ My fish dish of the day, at Green Chilli restaurant. The chef took our orders himself and explained everything to us. Very accommodating, very good service. Very good food. They make Vietnamese, Mexican and Italian food. I had my reservations about this combo, but I’d go back. No doubt.

Green Chilli restaurant

^ Someone’s fajitas. Beautifully juicy chicken.

Green Chilli restaurant

^ Hello creme brulee!

Green Chilli restaurant

^ Possibly a Snickers-related dessert. SO GOOD. SOO BAD.

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